Asmaa Broke the Cycle of Poverty and Disability

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Mon Jul 27 2020

Asmaa is an orphan student studying at the Islamic University of Gaza. Her father died from Cancer when she was only one year old. She spent her life as an orphan waiting assistance from others; especially she suffers from Congenital Talipes Equinovarus from birth. She underwent many surgeries, but she still feels pain, as she could not walk for long distance. Asmaa lives in a family of nine members; the mother with eight siblings. They live in a small-shared house of two rooms with asbestos ceiling in Jabalia Camp, north of Gaza. The kitchen and bathroom are shared with their uncle’s family. Benevolent Society for Disabled helps Asmaa cover some of the university fees to allow her register for the new semester and continue her study. Benevolent Society for Disabled works to help disabled students match their basic needs and cover their educational fees to achieve their full potential.