Benevolent Society Helps Monawar Build Self- Confidence and Have a Bright Future.

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Mon Oct 26 2020

Despite all Monawar's family have a good health, she is the only member suffering from severe loss of hearing. Monawar joins fifth grade in a private school due to her health condition; as she cannot hear well and needs periodic check-ups. Monawar lost her father when she was very young, and she lives with her mother and four siblings at their own house of good condition in Gaza. Monawar and her family provide their basic needs through Benevolent Society for Disabled's permanent financial aid and their father's pension. By Benevolent Society for Disabled's aid, they can live decently with covering their essentials, education expenses and Monawar's medications and check-ups. Benevolent Society for Disabled helps disadvantaged children in Gaza build self-esteem and have a bright future.