Getting a University Degree is a Goal Determined by the Financial Condition

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Tue Nov 10 2020

Mahmoud, 19, is a university student joining the faculty of Law in his second year. Mahmoud with his five siblings are university students who need educational expenses such as university fees, books and transportations. As Mahmoud lost his father and the family do not have any income, providing university fees for five students is a big burden according to his widow mother. The mother had no choice except taking debts from some relatives to be able to pay the university fees for her five sons, resulted in accumulating the debts and she cannot repay them back. Moreover, Mahmoud is in need to have a laptop to help him do the required assignments and researches, especially nowadays as the universities depend on remote learning due to the imposed lockdown because of COVID-19 outbreak in the Gaza Strip. What makes matter worse is that the family live in a bad house that needs maintenance and good furniture. Benevolent Society for Disabled provides Mahmoud and his family with a constant financial aid that helps them cover their daily life needs including food and medicines, in addition to contributing in covering the educational fees for Mahmoud and his university-student five siblings.