The COVID-19 Crisis Exacerbatest Exhausted Gaza's Economy and Increases the Suffering of its Residents

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Sun Nov 8 2020

Samia is a wife and mother to four children, all of them are school students joining UNRWA schools. Samia with her family live at their own house that was built seven years ago by helps from some relatives. They still have debts need to be repaid, but the poor father cannot afford such amount of money. Samia's husband is a driver working on a car owned by others, so what he earns can barely cover their daily life basics. The family depend on UNRWA food parcel to provide their food, and Samia sometimes asks for help from her family when she needs some vegetables and financial aid; she said, "My parent's economic condition is good, so do my husband's parent, so I ask them for help when I need anything, but this doesn't happen all times". Samia added," we live in a house with no doors and windows, you can imagine our condition in winter, specially each one us has only one blanket!". Samia's family received frozen meat from Benevolent Society for Disabled to help them provide good meal to their four children. Samia said," Before COVID-19 lockdown, I was working in a resort where I earn a bit of money that help me provide suitable food for my children, but now as we stay home, I can't buy meat and healthy food to them. Benevolent Society for Disabled's aid is significant during these trying times- thank you very much!".