Nada's Father, the Only Breadwinner for Seven-Member Family, Lost his Eye and his Ability to Work

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Wed Oct 7 2020

Nada's father got injured 14 years ago in a conflict, he lost his right eye and he suffers from muscles atrophy. From that time, he is in need to daily medications and periodic check-up. He cannot work and provide for his wife and six children; all of them are school students. Nada with her family depend on Benevolent Society for Disabled's permanent aid and other charity from the government and some relatives to match their basic needs including food, fresh water, medicines and educational expenses. The family live in a dilapidated old house that is unhealthy for living as its walls are full of moisture and it is dark even in the midday. This condition affects Nada's and her siblings' health; they suffer from serious problems in their bones and they need dietary supplements and balanced food to better their health. On the other hand, Nada joins a governmental secondary school, tenth grade. English is her favorite subject, she always gets excellent scores, and she hopes to be a journalist, but struggles in the rest school subjects. Nada is grateful to Benevolent Society for Disabled's 's aid as she can cover to expenses of her stationary, pocket money, school uniform and other essentials.