COVID-19 Outbreak and People with Disabilities

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Sun Jul 19 2020

The crippling siege and high poverty rates, along with a densely packed population and weak health system, create a perfect condition for a rapid outbreak of COVID19. The government in the Gaza Strip has taken precautions in all walks of life by leaps and bounds in a bid to halt the number of COVID19 infections that are all inside the compulsory quarantine centers. Despite the fact that COVID19 is still being learned about its spread and causes, people with disables may be related to higher risk for inflicting with COVID19. People with disabilities are likely to have COVID19 three times more than normal people. Moreover, people with disabilities may have trouble understanding information or practicing preventive measures, such as hand washing and social distancing, so they might be at increased risk of becoming infected with the pandemic. People with disabilities whether young people or elders should take extra precaution ways to protect themselves and save their lives, and it is their families' responsibility to take care and protect them from the pandemic.